Working Group/Seminar Procedures and Important Information


  • Funds allocated will be held in the Glasscock Center (Contact Amanda Dusek and/or Roxanne Moody with questions regarding funds)
  • Funds may be used for normally reimbursable expenses such as copying, supplies, refreshments, and defraying the cost of speakers (We should discuss in advance your intent to deploy them for unusual ends, but there is generally no need for you to seek approval for properly documented expenses)
  • Use our receipt submission form for reimbursement of expenditures
  • TAMU policy requires that all reimbursement requests be made within 90 days of the expense or else they will be reported as taxable income to the individual; therefore, receipts for reimbursement must be submitted to the Glasscock Center within 60 days of the expense.
  • Original itemized receipts must be submitted
  • Non-consumable materials purchased with Glasscock Center funds remain the property of Texas A&M University. Any books, DVDs, CDs, or the like that you purchase for working group discussions should be deposited in the Glasscock Center’s Library when those discussions are finished, although it is our view that such discussions may extend throughout the academic year.

Working group funds may be used for meals related to a guest speaker’s visit or other allowable events, however, we ask that meal expenses be modest. Expenditures for alcohol must occur in the context of a business-related event or meal to be reimbursable. Amounts for alcohol must also be kept to a minimum. Please note that you may present a tax-exempt form when you purchase items for your working group, though the business has the right to decline (as the personal card is not tax exempt). Please note that any unused funds will not roll over to the next fiscal year. In order for the working group to be considered for renewal, a report of activities must be submitted at the end of the academic year (see below).


For events solely funded by Glasscock Center Working Group funds (no co-sponsorship):

  • Complete the enclosed questionnaire and visitor contact form and return to the Glasscock Center
  • Contract should be completed by the Glasscock Center and should be signed by the convenor and visitor documenting the details of the visit and the following items:
    • Speaker fee amount (if applicable)
    • Expenses to be covered related to the visit
  • Travel arrangements can be made for visitors through the Glasscock Center if the request is made at least 30 days in advance.
    • Convenor must complete the leg-work for finding guest’s flights. Once selected, email Amanda Dusek with the selections and the following info so that she may book them:
      • Guest name (as stated on ID), D.O.B., mobile #, frequent flyer # (if applicable)
    • Guidelines for selecting flights: Please attempt to find the lowest airfare possible. No first/business class tickets. No seat upgrades.

    The Glasscock Center will not facilitate the arrangements and paperwork for international visitors; these arrangements must be made through your home department and the Glasscock Center will transfer necessary funds.

    For events funded by multiple departments/groups (co-sponsored):

      • The Glasscock Center will not facilitate the arrangements and paperwork; these arrangements must be made through your home department and the Glasscock Center will transfer necessary funds (or funds can be sourced), as we cannot receive funds from other programs or departments. Your department’s business person may contact Amanda Dusek or Roxanne Moody for an account # to source in AggieBuy, Concur, etc. (Proper documentation must be given to Roxanne, and she must review any AggieBuy, Concur, etc. that is sourcing one of our accounts BEFORE it is submitted)
      • Contract and visitor forms MUST be completed by convenor’s home department.

    Working groups are expected to meet or hold events (which must be open to the public) at least twice per semester. You are welcome to use the Center’s Library (311), Conference Room (308), or Seminar Room (300) for your meetings. To reserve space, use the “Room Reservation Request” which can be found at We will be pleased to help publicize your meetings and other events, as well as to link to any website you may develop. To include your event on our website and in the weekly email of events, which we send to our listserv, all relevant details should be sent to Amanda Dusek ( no less than one month before your event will take place.

    At the end of the academic year, we will contact you about your group’s activities and will require a report of the meetings and research your group has conducted over the year, as well as any speakers you have invited.  Please also advise the Center if your group or members of the group have received grants or special recognition as a result of their affiliation with the working group.  This report can be found at We also ask that each year you make a general call to solicit membership in your group; we will assist with this call if preferred.