Three-Year Seminars

Latinx Identities and Civil Rights

Organized and led by faculty directors from departments in the College of Liberal Arts and programs affiliated with the Glasscock Center, these three-year seminars provide a forum for a wide variety of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from the humanities and social science disciplines to present and discuss research in progress, invite speakers, and host symposia. These seminars meet regularly during the three-year cycle and are expected to define and complete a major project by the end of their three-year term. Outcomes might include but are not limited to: edited volumes, a series of articles, a database, or other project that makes a major impact in humanities.

Seminar/Working Group Procedures and Important Information 

Grants of $3,000 are provided each of the three years that the seminars are in existence.
Receipt Submission Forms (.pdf)
Request for Speaker/Event Arrangements
Year-end Report Submission Form
Glasscock Center Space FAQ

2017-2020 Seminars
Health Humanities

2016-2019 Seminars
Beowulf’s Afterlives

2015-2018 Seminars
Latinx Identities and Civil Rights

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