Faculty Colloquium Series: Dan Conway

“Disclosing Despair: The Role of the Pseudonyms in Kierkegaard’s Existential Approach”

conwayTuesday, 7  February 2017, 4-5 p.m.
Glasscock Center Library, 311 Glasscock Building
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Daniel Conway | Professor, Department of Philosophy, 2016-17 Glasscock Faculty Research Fellow, Texas A&M University

Dr. Conway has lectured and published widely on topics in 19th Century Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Philosophy and Film, and Philosophy of Religion. He currently serves the University as Arts & Humanities Fellow, Director of the Continental Philosophy Initiative, Convener of the Working Group in Social, Cultural, and Political Theory, and President of Phi Beta Kappa.

Kierkegaard’s efforts to develop a uniquely existential approach to philosophy were furthered by his experimental use of the literary device of pseudonymous authorship. The existential import of his pseudonyms is twofold: they not only diagnose the spiritual malaise that afflicts their readers, but also manifest this distress, unwittingly, in their various efforts to address the crisis at hand. In the case of Fear and Trembling, we are invited to witness the pseudonymous author and narrator, Johannes de Silentio, in his despair, as he fails to escape the crisis he presumes to address.

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