Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award Application

Applications due by 22 November 2013

For more information and testimonials from previous award recipients, please visit the Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award Recipients Experience page.

ABOUT: The Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities  Research invites applications for the 2014 Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award. The Award is open to eligible students enrolling in humanities  courses offered at the Texas A&M University Santa Chiara Study Center in summer 2014.

The Glasscock Center encourages students to develop a keen  understanding of their own and other world cultures. Through humanities courses, students engage in disciplined and responsible studies of  intellectual and material culture that deepen their knowledge, broaden  their perspectives, and challenge their assumptions. The Glasscock  Scholars Abroad Award gives selected students the opportunity to bring a truly international dimension to their studies by providing funding  toward a summer abroad in the summer program in Santa Chiara, Italy.


  • Open to all undergraduate majors; preference may be given to non-humanities majors, especially those in the College of Engineering; preference may be given to those without prior study or travel abroad; preference may be given to students who in the absence of this award  might not be able to travel abroad.
  • Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award is contingent upon acceptance to the Santa Chiara Study Center for Summer 2014. Students must submit separate application for admission to Santa Chiara Study Center through TAMU Study Abroad Programs Office. Students may not defer this Glasscock award if not accepted into the 2013 program.
  • Must enroll in two humanities courses at the Santa Chiara Study Center for Summer 2014.
  • Must plan to be enrolled as a full-time Texas A&M University student through the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • Must be in good academic standing and otherwise eligible to participate in the study abroad Santa Chiara program.
  • Successful applicants will have a record of academic and personal excellence.

AWARD DETAILS: Up to 7 awards of $5,000 apiece may be made.  Awards are made in a one-time payment and are posted directly to the  student’s tuition and fee bill. Awards are based on the overall excellence of the application and the award’s potential benefit to the applicant’s intellectual and personal development.



  • Include in your application a 300-word essay on “how study abroad will help me achieve my goals for academic and personal growth.”
  • Send a current resume to
  • Letters of support should  be sent directly from faculty members via email to or by mail to Texas A&M University, 4214 TAMU,  College Station, TX 77843-4214.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 22 November 2013, 5 p.m.