Glasscock Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research annually funds up to ten Graduate Research Fellowships at $2,000 each. Departments can nominate up to two graduate students to be considered for these awards. To be eligible, students in affiliated departments have to be working on a Doctoral dissertation or Masters thesis but could be at the initial stages of their projects. Students are expected to work closely with their advisors on a project description, rationale for the grant, and budget. The budget might include conference participation and travel, fieldwork or archival work, or it might simply be for research materials. The outcome should be a dissertation or a thesis, or a significant portion thereof. These students will make up the community of graduate scholars who populate the Graduate Colloquium Series (five each semester). They are required to participate for a semester in the Graduate Colloquium Series and use the experience as a tool to improve their own writing and projects and help each other to improve the quality of the work being produced as a group.

Academic Year 2018-2019

Dong An

Elizabeth Earle

Desirae Embree

Hazal Hurman

Aaron Lira

Mingqian Liu

Michael Morris
Mike Morris is a PhD candidate from the Department of History. His research examines the role played by the senior Marine headquarters in the northern five provinces of South Vietnam between 1965 and 1971. This contested region featured the bloodiest fighting with the North Vietnamese Army, the strongest Viet Cong infrastructure, the disputed border with North Vietnam, key portions of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the political and economic prizes of Hue and Da Nang. This project evaluates corps-level combat and pacification operations against both regular and insurgent opponents in a critical part of America’s most divisive foreign war. Specifically, the study seeks new insights into this confusing conflict by exploring critical functions such as command relations, intelligence processes, logistic support, and contingency plans.

Dalitso Ruwe

Deanna Stover

Erika Weidemann


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