Faculty Application for Seminar: Glasscock Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Applications due by 2 November 2017

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Objective: To expand undergraduate research in the humanities by providing an intensive summer research experience in which students will be introduced to important research questions, trained in methods of research and analysis, and guided in the development of critical thinking, independent learning, and communications skills.

Format: Faculty directors recruit 3-5 students each to participate in the program. Students will enroll in a two-week intensive seminar taught by a faculty member at the beginning of the summer 2016 ten-week session. In the seminar students will be immersed in a focused topic and develop a research question that they will then investigate under the mentorship of the faculty member for the remaining eight weeks of the summer. Students will be required to meet with each other for peer writing activities at the Glasscock Center and to attend writing studios created especially for this program through the Writing Center during weeks three through ten of the program. Students must produce a completed written proposal by the end of the term and will give a public presentation on the proposal and future research. Faculty are to meet with students every two weeks after the intensive two-week seminar to discuss progress on each phase of the project after each of the Writing Center Studios. Faculty will mentor students through the Undergraduate Research Scholars program the following year (2016-2017).


  1. Applicants must be tenured faculty in affiliated departments at Texas A&M University.
  2. Two-week seminar will have both morning and afternoon sessions. No more than 3-5 students will be allowed to participate in each seminar. Students will be recruited by faculty (sophomore/junior level). Students must be eligible for the Research Scholars Program (see Honors requirements below).
  3. This program is modeled on the NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) summer program in which a faculty member uses the two weeks to teach a seminar on his/her current research topic. These two weeks will be used for immersing students in the topic, background, research methods, and theory associated with the field of inquiry. Students will then develop their own original research question related to the topic and develop it over the summer through supervision by the faculty member and in conjunction with the Writing Center through specially designed workshops.
  4. Faculty are expected to be in residence for the two-week seminar, but they may or may not be on campus for the remaining eight weeks. Syllabi should, however, require weekly assignments and contact between the faculty member on a bi-weekly basis (via email, Skype, or other platforms). Faculty are also expected to guide students through the Undergraduate Research Scholars program the following year. Students are expected to be in residence throughout the summer.
  5. This experience is conceived as a gateway for students to enter the Undergraduate Research Scholars program for the 2016-2017 academic year. Faculty are expected to guide students through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program the following year and students must enroll in the fall for this program with their faculty or another faculty sponsor. Therefore, students are required to produce a written proposal for the summer program and a deliver a public presentation (roundtable, panel, poster, etc.) of their work at the end of the ten-week period. Faculty may also want to consider other publication opportunities and venues for showcasing student work as part of the requirements for the course. If students do not complete the year-long thesis they will be required to pay back a portion of their scholarship.
  6. Seminar rooms, student office space, and student computers will be provided by the Glasscock Center.
  7. This course must be opened under an existing listing in the faculty member’s department (i.e., 491, 485, etc.).

Bursary: Faculty: $5,000 (bursary); Students: $2,000 (scholarship)

Information on Undergraduate Research Scholars:


Research Scholars:

  • actively participate in an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty member,
  • produce an undergraduate thesis, which is deposited into the Research Scholars collection in the repository through Texas Digital Libraries (TDL),
  • present their research publicly to the scholarly community,
  • increase their competitiveness for graduate and professional school admission, as well as national fellowships, grants, and awards,
  • may enroll in an optional Thesis Writing course (a 1 credit-hour 491 course) (Example syllabus),
  • obtain course credit for independent study,
  • can receive up to a $300 reimbursement for research expenses, and
  • are awarded a certificate of completion at an awards ceremony in May.

Research Scholars Program: To qualify for the Research Scholars program, students must have completed at least 60 hours of undergraduate course work, with at least 24 hours at Texas A&M (exceptions may be made with the approval of the student’s department head). Students should also have and maintain a cumulative Texas A&M GPR of 3.0 or higher, be currently involved or planning to start a suitable undergraduate project, and be expecting to graduate May 2016 or later. Scholars should enroll for 3 hours of research credit during each of the two semesters (fall/spring) that they are participating in the program. Further information on the application process for Research Scholars is available on the Scholars Applications page.

Thursday, November 2, 2017, 5 p.m.


  1. Department Head must sign the application.
  2. Applicant should attach a separate document containing a tentative two-week course of study or syllabus, and four writing center workshops.
  3. Applicant should submit the signed application form (and syllabus) in one of the following ways:
    1. Email a PDF to glasscock@tamu.edu
    2. Send by campus mail to Mail Stop 4214
    3. Deliver to 305 Glasscock Building

Application Form (.pdf) →

NOTE: PDF fill-in form will work best if opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro rather than in your web browser. If the PDF defaults to opening in your browser, save the file to your computer and then open into the appropriate application. If you have problems with this PDF form, please call (979) 845-8328.

CONFIRMATION: If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of the application  from the Glasscock Center by the application deadline, please call (979) 845-8328 or email glasscock@tamu.edu.