Buttrill Ethics Curriculum Enhancement Grant Application

Applications due 7 February 2019, 5 p.m.

ABOUT: The Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research  is now accepting proposals to support interactions between faculty and  students focused on investigations of ethical issues or ethics in  general. Efforts may be channeled through existing or new courses,  free-standing seminars, panel discussions, symposia, workshops, visiting  speakers, or other events. Any proposed course or event must directly  address and wrestle with ethical questions – past or present – pertinent  to contemporary societies, cultures, and individuals. Perspectives from  any discipline or method are welcome, including the study of texts,  histories, philosophies, religious traditions, cultures, aesthetic  movements, current events, and theories.

Up to two awards in the amount of $1000 each will be made annually to underwrite reimbursable expenses in support of the course or related  research (speaker fees, cost of course materials, field-trip expenses,  refreshments for meetings, rental of space or equipment for  presentations, other research related expenses, and the like).

At semester’s end, grantees must provide a report to the Glasscock  Center on the success of their curriculum enhancement efforts. They will   also be asked to administer two assessments, based on a template  provided with the acceptance letter, to their students at semester’s  beginning and end.

This grant is made possible by the Mary Jane and Carrol O.  Buttrill ’38 Endowed Fund for Ethics and is part of the Fund’s series of   lectures and roundtable discussions coordinated by the Glasscock  Center.

ELIGIBILITY: All faculty at Texas A&M University are invited to apply.

APPLICATION: Applicantsfor this grant must provide a  description of how the course or event will foster interaction between  faculty and students, a description of topics and issues to be  investigated and their significance for undergraduates, and a budget  showing how the $1000 award will be used.

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: In addition to your application, please send the following as email attachments to glasscock@tamu.edu.

  • A course syllabus or event plan (including details of speakers, dates and locations of events)
  • A short (2-page) c.v. of each faculty member and/or visiting speaker involved in the course or event

Applications will be considered incomplete until all information has been received, at which time an email confirming receipt will be sent  to you.

Thursday, 7 February 2019, 5 p.m.