Brown-Kruse Graduate Fellowship Application

Applications due by 3 April 2014

The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research annually awards up to two grants of $3,000 each in support of graduate research in the humanities. An office is provided for each recipient in the Center, and it is expected that this office will be occupied on a regular basis during the fellowship year. Offices are supplied with a computer and printer access as well. Brown-Kruse Graduate Fellows will be expected to meet monthly to discuss and critique each other’s work. The stipend awarded under this program may be used to fund normally reimbursable research expenses including the purchase of research materials (books, photocopies, etc.) and to support research travel (transportation costs, lodging, meals, etc.). Fellowship money will be disbursed to the student’s home department. Please check with the financial aid office to confirm that your financial aid will not be affected by receipt of this or other awards.

Each department can name ONE candidate to be put forward for selection. Students must have both the Director of Graduate Studies’ and the Department Chair’s approvals to be nominated. Departments will only nominate one advanced doctoral student undertaking research toward the completion of a dissertation. Departments are expected to develop a rigorous selection process, and students are expected to work closely with their advisors to craft a well-prepared application. The selection process at the department level may be done by a departmental committee that is already assigned the task of evaluating students, by a committee that includes the Graduate Director, or a committee that is created for the purpose of selecting a nominee.  In some cases, the committee may consist of graduate students. The Department Chair will nominate the candidate for consideration by the Glasscock Center. Students may only receive the Brown-Kruse Graduate Fellowship once. Students may not hold a Brown-Kruse Graduate Fellowship and Glasscock Graduate Research Fellowship at the same time. Preference may be given to those who have not already received a Graduate Research Fellowship.

These grants are made possible by the generous gifts of Maggie and Corey Brown ′92 and of Gayle and Layne Kruse ′73.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Student should complete the application form and send to the Director of Graduate Studies and Department Head for approval. Each department can name one candidate to be put forward for selection. Students must have both the Director of Graduate Studies’ and the Department Chair’s approval and signature on this completed form to be nominated.

Applicant should send the signed application as a PDF to or send by campus mail to 4214 TAMU.

Application Form →

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, 3 April 2014, 5 p.m.