Space Floorplans and Photos

Glasscock Center Library (311)

  • Type of seating: Lounge chairs/sofas (15), lecture chairs (39), additional folding chairs (30)
  • Seating capacity: Approx. 65 (with some club chairs removed and using all lecture and folding chairs — must be requested in advance)
  • A/V equipment: Projector (built-in), projection screen, built-in speakers,  laptop (must be requested in advance)
  • Other items: Podium. Tables can be placed in hallway or inside room (must be requested and reserved in advance)

Floorplan (.pdf). Includes various layout options for working groups, lectures, etc.

Informal, day-to-day set-up

Lecture set-up







Conference room

Conference room

Conference Room, Room 308

  • Type of seating: Five flip-top tables (with wheels), rolling chairs
  • Seating Capacity: 10-15 people
  • Other items: Whiteboard, projector (portable)


Seminar Room, Room 300
Furniture can be reconfigured to accommodate up to approximately 25 people. Tables have wheels and flip-tops for easy moving and storage.

  • Type of seating: Six 6′ flip-top tables (with wheels), rolling chairs, folding chairs
  • Seating Capacity: 25 (Up to 40 can be accommodated in lecture format with tables removed. Must be requested in advance.)
  • Other items: Projector screen, Flat-screen television, projector (portable), whiteboard (portable)
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    Rows with tables


    Rows with tables


    Conversational square