Space Floorplans and Photos

Glasscock Center Library (311)

  • Type of seating: Lounge chairs/sofas (15), lecture chairs (39), additional folding chairs (30)
  • Seating capacity: Approx. 65 (with some club chairs removed and using all lecture and folding chairs — must be requested in advance)
  • A/V equipment: Projector (built-in), projection screen, built-in speakers, wireless (lapel) microphones (2), laptop (must be requested in advance)
  • Other items: Podium, coffee tables, floor lamp, table lamp, tables for refreshments, handouts, etc.Tables can be placed in hallway or inside room (must be requested and reserved in advance)

Floorplan (.pdf). Includes various layout options for working groups, lectures, etc.

Informal, day-to-day set-up

Lecture set-up







Conference room

Conference room

Conference Room, Room 308

  • Type of seating: Conference Table with 12 chairs
  • Seating Capacity: 10-15 people
  • Other items: Whiteboard, projector (portable), ante-room with long table for refreshments or handouts


Seminar Room, Room 300
Furniture can be reconfigured to accommodate up to approximately 25 people. Tables have wheels and flip-tops for easy moving and storage.

  • Type of seating: Six 6′ flip-top tables (with wheels), rolling chairs, folding chairs
  • Seating Capacity: 25 (Up to 40 can be accommodated in lecture format with tables removed. Must be requested in advance.)
  • Other items: Projector screen, Flat-screen television, projector (portable), whiteboard (portable)
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    Rows with tables


    Rows with tables


    Conversational square