Glasscock Center Space Terms of Use

We are delighted to have you make use of the Glasscock Center Library (Room 311), Glasscock Center Conference Room (Room 308), or Glasscock Center Seminar Room (Room 300). We ask you to follow the guidelines below, so that the next users of these areas will find them in good condition:

  • A MINIMUM of 30 minutes must be allowed between events to allow time for set-up and break-down.
  • Return the Library to the layout indicated on the floorplan illustration for Standard Day-to-Day Setup (.pdf). Illustrations are also available in the Glasscock Center Library.
  • In room 311, stack black plastic chairs and place at the rear (north end) of the room. (NOTE: These chairs slide on from the front. Do NOT stack from top–they will become stuck.)
  • Make sure the Projector is turned OFF before you leave.
  • Remove any trash from your event
  • Leave blinds open.
  • Make sure doors are closed and locked if your event ends after 5 p.m.
  • Examine space before exiting to make sure all windows are closed.

If you eat or drink in the room you use, please as appropriate:

  • Transfer trash to the large receptacle in the kitchen or, if that becomes full, into extra trash bags located on that receptacle.
    • *See Sustainability below regarding use of water bottles and recycling*
  • Wipe down surfaces with (barely damp) dish cloth, which can be found in kitchen.
  • Check for vagrant cups, plates, water bottles, especially on the bookshelves and on the floor next to chairs.
  • If you employ Food Services, it is your responsibility to see that they return the next day to pick up service items and to follow up if they do not.

Please make arrangements with us well in advance of your event to ensure that your audience, caterers, AV providers and so on will have access both to the Glasscock Building itself and to the room you are using.


Texas A&M University is committed to a culture of sustainability – to respect, protect, and preserve environmental, social, and economic resources to protect our earth for future generations.

The Glasscock Center is happy to take part in these sustainable practices. As such, we discourage the use of plastic water bottles at our events. If you are holding an event in our space, please coordinate with our office to secure the use of our filtered water in pitchers or our re-fillable jugs.

Additionally, we have receptacles for recycling plastic bottles, plastic cups, and cans in our hall. We encourage everyone to utilize these and any of the many other appropriate recycling receptacles found on our campus.