Room Reservation Request

To reserve a space in the Glasscock Center, please fill out the Room Reservation Request Form.
NOTE: You MUST reserve equipment (laptop, projector, etc.) in advance to guarantee availability.

Please understand that the room you request is merely a preference and that GCHR will place you in the room most appropriate for your needs.

Sending a reservation request is not a guarantee of reservation. You will receive a response to confirm the reservation. If you have any questions, please send an email to or call (979) 845-8328. Thank you.


Texas A&M University is committed to a culture of sustainability – to respect, protect, and preserve environmental, social, and economic resources to protect our earth for future generations.

The Glasscock Center is happy to take part in these sustainable practices. As such, we discourage the use of plastic water bottles at our events. If you are holding an event in our space, please coordinate with our office to secure the use of our filtered water in pitchers or our re-fillable jugs.

Additionally, we have receptacles for recycling plastic bottles, plastic cups, and cans in our hall. We encourage everyone to utilize these and any of the many other appropriate recycling receptacles found on our campus.