Glasscock Undergraduate Scholars Win at Student Research Week

The Glasscock Center would like to congratulate two of its Undergraduate Research Scholars on winning awards at this year’s Student Research Week.

Laura Reid won Second Place Undergraduate Oral Presentation in the Health, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Physiology section. Her project proposes curricular reform at Texas A&M through the implementation of an educational course to help students learn about the prevention and remediation of rape culture and also about factual reproductive health information. Laura’s pilot program was creating using empirical evidence from state and federal legislation, as well as from other existing health education programs.

Maci Greene won First Place Undergraduate Oral Presentation in the History, Communication, Literature, Philosophy, & Language section. Her project examined the role of female biblical figures in three plays written by Tirso de Molina during Spain’s Golden Age. Applying Althusser’s definition of the church as an ideological state apparatus, Maci’s project draws connections between messages about feminine virtue in these three plays and Molina’s own dual profession as dramatist and Roman Catholic monk.

The objective of Glasscock Undergraduate Scholars Program is to expand undergraduate research in the humanities by providing an intensive summer research experience in which students are introduced to important research questions, trained in methods of research and analysis, and guided in the development of critical thinking, independent learning, and communications skills. Students enroll in a two-week intensive seminar taught by an A&M faculty person in their field. In the seminar, the students are immersed in a focused topic and develop a research question that they continued to investigate under the mentorship of their faculty member for the next academic year. Their research culminates in a scholarly thesis completed through the Honors and Undergraduate Research program, as well as a public presentation at Student Research Week.

We would also like to congratulate the recipients of the special Glasscock Award awarded at this year’s Student Research Week. The award is meant to acknowledge exceptional interdisciplinary projects in the humanities. Congratulations to Taylor Laufenberg and Edna Ledesma de Leon for their outstanding oral presentations and to Hunter Hampton and Crystal Dozier for their outstanding poster presentations!

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