Ekphrasis Working Group Invites Members


“Particularly in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is a good deal of Ekphrastic poetry, addressing a wide range of good and bad, great and obscure, unglossed or overinterpreted works of art, and taking up a range of stances toward their objects,” wrote John Hollander in The Gazer’s Spirit, a collection of ekphrastic poems and the artworks they confront. Some of the ways modern poets have faced works of art, Hollander wrote, “include addressing the image, making it speak, speaking of it interpretively, meditating upon the moment of viewing it, and so forth.” http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5918#sthash.k1QPkwGb.dpuf

The Ekphrasis Working Group will study the body of Ekphrastic writing that exists, examine the ways in which writing can be based on art, look at theoretical discussions of this practice, and write Ekphrastic work ourselves.

Questions? E-mail Janet McCann.

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