Call for Applications for Faculty Directors for Glasscock Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

The Melbern G. Glasscock Center for Humanities Research is accepting applications for faculty directors for the Glasscock Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program. Faculty will receive a stipend of $5,000 to direct a seminar for undergraduate scholars. The objective is to expand undergraduate research in the humanities by providing an intensive summer research experience in which students will be introduced to important research questions, trained in methods of research and analysis, and guided in the development of critical thinking, independent learning, and communications skills.

Students will enroll in a two-week intensive seminar taught by a faculty member at the beginning of the summer ten-week session. In the seminar students will be immersed in a focused topic and develop a research question that they will then investigate under the mentorship of the faculty member for the remaining eight weeks of the summer. Students will be required to meet with each other for peer writing activities at the Glasscock Center and to attend writing workshops created especially for this program through the Writing Center throughout the eight-week period. Faculty are encouraged to meet with students every two weeks after the intensive two-week seminar to discuss progress on each phase of the project after each of the Writing Center workshops.

A stipend of $5,000 will be awarded each of the faculty directors selected. Undergraduate participants will recieve a stipend of $2,000. A call for undergraduate participants will be posted in the spring semester after faculty directors are selected.

Applicant must submit an application (signed by department head) and separate document containing a tentative two-week course of study or syllabus and four writing center workshops to the Glasscock Center by Thursday, 17 January 2013. Applications can be emailed to or mailed by campus mail to 4214 TAMU.