Investigative Course Grant Archive

Investigative Course Grant Archive

The Glasscock Center offers a $1,000 research bursary and $500 to support class-related activities to facultywho adapt or develop one-semester upper-division undergraduate courses in ways that investigate the Center’s2010-2012 theme, “Sustenance.” Successful applications will take advantage of the Center’s internal facultyfellows and their work, of lectures by visiting speakers, and of seminars and other thematic events. Faculty must arrange for students to make some kind of presentation of their work, e.g. a poster session, roundtable, online discussion, oral reports, and the like. Applications may integrate the theme into courses throughreadings, discussions, written assignments and/or visiting speakers. At semester’s end, grantees must provide areport to the Center on the success of their enhancement efforts.

Academic Year 2010-2011 • “Sustenance”

Gabriela Campagnol | Architecture
“History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture”


Academic Year 2009-2010 • “Journeys”

Kathryn Henderson | Sociology
“An Ecofeminist Journey towards Global Citizenship”

Kirsten Pullen | Performance Studies
“Performance and World Culture”


Academic Year 2008-2009 • “Journeys”

Kathryn Woodard | Performance Studies
“Music in World Cultures”


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