Graduate Student Travel-to-Archives or Travel-to-Fieldwork Grant Archive

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The Glasscock Center makes available grants of up to $1,000 for graduate students in affiliated departments and in interdisciplinary programs to travel to archives or to undertake fieldwork to further thesis or dissertation research in the humanities.

2010-2011 Academic Year

Marilyn Cassedy | Anthropology
“Shipwrights in the Ancient World: Epigraphic Research”

Joelle Cruz | Communication
“Food, Peace, and Organizing: A Market Women’s Organization in Postconflict Côte d’ Ivoire”

Jessica Durgan | English
“Yale Center for British Art to support her argument as to the shifts in the presentation of whiteness and skin in painting”

Brian Franklin | History
“Home Missions and the Early Republic, 1796-1845”

Yeonsik Jung | English
“American Anxiety: U.S. Narratives of Fear, Identity, and Empire, 1880-1925”

Hyun Wu Lee | History
“Interactions Between the British Troops, Colonists, Indians, and Slaves in South Carolina, 1756-1763”

Anirban Mukhopadhyay | Communication
“Radio, New Media, Citizenship and New Forms of Post-Liberal Subjectivities”

Chi Cheng Wat | Sociology
“Transnational, Same-Sex Marriage Practices”

Micah Wright | History
“’Race need not be a concern’: Afro-Puerto Rican Discourses of Military Service, 1899-1940″

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2009-2010 Academic Year

Natasha Ball | Sociology
“The ‘Racial Tool Kits’ of Black Adult Adoptees from Multi-racial and Mono-racial Families”

Paulami Banerjee | Geography
“The Nature of Modernization and its Impact on Rural Communities: A Case Study of North Sikkim, India”

Joan Parmer Barrett | Hispanic Studies
“Tarahumara Transcripts”

Celia Emmelhainz | Anthropology
“In the Light: the Relationship of Missions to Development in Almaty, Kazakhstan”

Christopher Ryan Gilson | History
“The Little Ice Age and the Construction of Historical Climate Regimes”

Verity McInnis | History
“Cultural Standard-Bearers of Empire: Officers’ Wives of the American Frontier and British India”

Shima Mohajeri | Architecture
“The Architecture of A-Place: Discourse of Modernity in Architectural Paper Projects in Iran, 1960-78”

Meghan Parker | English
“Worldly Women and Unlikely Unities: Religious and Narrative Subjectivities in Women’s Writings”

Thaddeus Romansky | History
“‘The Rank and File Are Determined’: Citizenship, Authority, and Mutiny in the Union Army, 1861-1865”

Christopher Westgate | Communication
“Labeling the Latin/o Popular Music Industry, 1970-2000”

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2008-2009 Academic Year

Aaron Linderman | History
“The Cultural Pre-History of Clandestine Warriors in World War II Burma” 

Ryan Malphurs | Communication
“Making Sense of Judicial Sensemaking”

Emily Janda Monteiro | English
“Serial Formations: Gender & Identity in Early 20th Century British Women’s Periodicals”

Jae Young Park | English
“Byron and His Poems in the Publishing Business: From a Fifty-shilling Luxury Item to a Half-penny Pocketbook”

Jared Peatman | History
“The Gettysburg Address, 1863-1965”

Diane Rolnick | Hispanic Studies
“Indigenous Execution of European Images in Franciscan Churches of Mexico”

Margie Serrato |Anthropology
“Fighting with Gender: Understanding the Ground Combat Experiences of Women in the U.S. Military”

Masha Sukovic | Communication
“Stitching It to the Man: Reconceptualizing Domesticity as Empowerment, Creativity, and Resistance”

Miguel Zarate-Casanova | Hispanic Studies
“The Construction and Reception of Early Modernity in the Spanish Historical Film Genre”

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2007-2008 Academic Year

Debbie Cunningham |Hispanic Studies
“José de Escandón’s 1747 exploration and the 1749 colonization of the Seno Mexicano”

Richa Danju | Anthropology
“Conceptualizing Empowerment and Feminism among the Peripheral Women of Welcome Colony, Delphi”

Miranda Green-Barteet |English
“Neither Wholly Public, Nor Wholly Private: Interstitial Spaces in Works by 19th-Century American Women Writers”

Jacob Heil | English
“The Anxiety of Authorship and the Prologic Space in Elizabethan Drama”

Emily Hoeflinger | English
“Seeing a Suitable Language of Expression: Experimental Women’s Writing, Zines, and Feminist Language”

Ryan Malphurs | Communication
“The Research of Justice Blackmun’s Archive at Library of Congress”

Naho Maruyama | Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences
“Chinese Americans in China: Ethnicity, Transnationalism, and Tourism”

Nicole McDaniel-Carder | English
“Seriality in Contemporary American Memoir: 1957-2007”

Urmila Srinivasan | Architecture
“Changing Approaches to Geometry in Architecture: A Study of Bramante, Kahn and Gehry”

Sarah Tonner | Comparative Literature
“How Does Grief Tourism Re-define the Social and Judicial Progress of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo?”

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