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Graduate Student Fellows – both M.A. and Ph.D. candidates – are selected each year from affiliated departments. They participate in Glasscock Center activities and receive a $1,000 research stipend. This call goes out each spring.

2010-2011 Academic Year

Robert Carley | Sociology “Bringing Ideology Back In: An Analysis of the Protest Tactics of the Movement Toward Socialism”

Coral Eginton | Anthropology “Health and Disease on the Dutch High Seas”

Brian Russel Franklin | History “Home Missions and the Early Republic, 1783-1845”

Kohei Furuya | English “History in Concord: Emerson, Fuller, Thoreau, and Hawthorne, 1835-1865”

Jessica Ray Herzogenrath | History “Authenticity and Ethnicity: Dance, Americanization and the Immigrant Body”

Brian Hilton | History “Groping Toward Coexistence”: The United States, Taiwan, and the Recognition of the PRC, 1948-1979”

Matthew K. Irwin | History “Alive and Wailing: Sociocultural Commentary in American Troops’ Art from the Vietnam War”

Ji Nang Kim | English “Testifying Bodies: Trauma, Narrative and History in Postcolonial Asian Diaspora Fiction”

Catharina Laporte | Anthropology “The Impact of Foreign Oil Industry Development on the Domestic Workers of Macaé, Brazil”

Joon Hyung Park | English “From Transcendental Subjective Vision to Political Idealism: The Panorama in Antebellum American Literature”

Blake Whitaker | History “Be a Man Among Men!”: Black Soldiers in Rhodesian Security Forces 1965-1980”

Jeremy Kelton Williams | Teaching, Learning, and Culture “From Students to Citizens: A History of Citizenship Education in the United States in the Twenties”

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2009-2010 Academic Year

Kathleen Barr | History “Held Hostage: America and Its Allies Confront OPEC”

Rian Bobal | History “The American Crusades: Religion, Race, and Relations with the Levant in Eisenhower’s America”

Rosalind Chou | Sociology “Asian American Sexual Politics: A Narrative Analysis”

Sara K. Day | English “Narrative Intimacy in Contemporary American Fiction for Adolescent Women”

Jennifer Guillen | Sociology “Negotiating Racial Identities Among Mexican-White Married Couples in South East Texas”

Michael R. Jones | Anthropology “Sailing to Byzantium in the Ninth Century AD”

Yeonsik Jung | English “Narrating the History of American Immigrant Women: Gertrude Stein and Literature at the Margins”

Sean Kelly | History “‘The Old Order Changeth’: The Aborted Evolution of the British Empire, 1917 to 1932”

Asmahan Sallah | English “Discourse on Reason as Anti-Secularism during Arab Renaissance

Chris Thomas | History “Compass, Square, and Swastika: Freemasonry in the Third Reich”

Ryan Wadle | History “‘The Fourth Dimension of Naval Tactics’: The U.S. Navy and Public Relations, 1919-1941”

Melinda Wilson | History “Buddhism in Transformation: Houston and Beijing”

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2008-2009 Academic Year

Carrie Elizabeth Atkins | Anthropology “More than a Hull: Social Space and Religious Ritual onboard the Ancient Ship”

Courtney Beggs | English “‘Safely then She Ventures’: Identity and Adriadne’s Risk-Free Investment”

Blanca A. Camargo | Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences “A Framework for Cultural Sustainability in the Cultural Space of San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia”

Damian Carpenter | English “Woody Sez and Dylan Weaves: The Continuing Tradition of the Outlaw in American Folk Music”

Seenhwa Jeon | English “Empire and Geographies of Memory in Ex-centric Retellings of Modern History”

Larkin Kennedy | Anthropology “Bioarchaeological Investigation of the Presence and Integration of Foreigners in Classical Corinth”

Hyangmi Lee | English “The Place of Memory: A Regionalized History in Amitav Ghosh’s Work”

Derek Mallet | History “Hitler’s Generals in America: U.S. National Security and the Evolution of Prisoner of War Policy”

Nicole McDaniel | English “Seriality in Contemporary American Memoir: 1957-2007”

Gina Opdycke Terry | English “Artful Interactions: Visual Art and Literary Text in Romantic Period Works” 

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2007-2008 Academic Year

Rian T. Bobal | History “Peace Through ‘Viguh’: Gender, the Peace Corps, and John F. Kennedy’s Foreign Policy”

Rosalind Chou | Sociology “Malady of the ‘Model Minority’: White Racism’s Assault on the Asian American Psyche”

Richa Dhanju | Anthropology “Conceptualizing Empowerment and Feminism Amongst the Peripheral Women of Delhi, India”

Leslie Gautreaux Edwards | English “Creating the Domestic: A Modernist Masculine Enterprise”

Sean Kelly | History “‘How Far West’: Lord Curzon’s Transcaucasisn (Mis)Adventure and the Defence of British India”

Sun-jin Lee | English “The Demythologization of American Histories in Post-WWII American (Meta)historical Fiction”

Jared Peatman | History “‘Profound Silence Followed by Hearty Applause’: The Legacy of the Gettysburg Address”

Chaitra Rao | Psychology “English in India: From Arranged Marriage to Love?”

Jesse L. Rester | English “Politics of the Yankee Yogin: Reading Hindu References in Thoreau”

Masa Sukovic |Communication “Hysterectomies and Gender Identity Among Serbian Women”

Christopher Westgate | Communication “Sounding the Post 9-11 Siren: Voice as a Medium of Faith”

Robert Wyckoff | English “The Domestic as Home and Nation in the Homesteading Rhetoric of the 1850s”

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2006-2007 Academic Year

Michael Beauchamp | History “Parish Politics in Early National Louisiana, 1803-1820”

Olivia Burgess | English “The New ‘Utopian’ Body in Twentieth Century Technological Dystopias”

Elizabeth Cantu | Communication “Latinas and the City: An Analysis of How Mexican Women Negotiate and Engage with Sex and the City

Jung Sun Choi | English “Queer Bodies, Telling Bodies in Victorian Popular Fiction”

Michael Doron | History “Accountants go to Washington: The Accounting Profession and Congressional Legislation, 1933-1969”  

Benjamin Ford | Anthropology “Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Project”  

Phillip Gray | Political Science “‘That Truth That Lives Unchangeably’: The Role of Ontology in the Just War Tradition”

Emily Hoeflinger | English “Holy Space: Salvationist Female Open-Air Preachers as Feminist Prototype”

Soo Kim | English “Ethical Desire: A Geneaology of Desire in the Works of Kureishi and Hollinghurst”

Naho Maruyama | Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences “Chinese American in China: Ethnicity and Belonging”

Sarah Peters | English “Evangelical Mothers in Smith’s Saving Grace and Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible

Christopher Sparks | Anthropology “Wrestling with Ssireum: Korean Traditional Sport vs. Globalization”

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2005-2006 Academic Year

Bradley Angell | Architecture “Grassroots Postermodernism: An Artistic, Architectural, and Political Response to the Dilemma of the 21st Century”

Hassan Bashir | Political Science “We Fight Therefore We Are: Exploring Islamic Militancy in South Asia”

Larry Blomstedt | History “Congress, the Korean War and Missed Opportunities for Peace”

Stephen Campbell | Philosophy “Well-Being”  

Katie Custer | Anthropology “Iconographic Evidence of Iberian Ships of Exploration”

Kiyoon Jang | English “Ghostwriting America: The Advent of Unauthorized Authorship in Nineteenth-Century American Gothic Fiction”

Ryan Malphurs | English “Americo Paredes’ Letter Transcription and Analysis”

Thomas Nester | History “The Seventh U.S. Cavalry and Reconstruction, 1871-76”

Jungsik Park | English “News-Storytelling as Argument: Competitive Ethos and Intertextual Contention in ‘New Journalistic’ Stories”

Steven G. Schloss | Architecture “A Good Place to Die”

Ali Steere | Anthropology “The Evolution of Decorative Work Aboard English Men-of-War from the 16th to the 19th Centuries”

Jane Thiele | History “Manumission Societies and Black Churches in Virginia”

David Wiens | Philosophy “Who Owes What to Whom? On Duties to Assist and Intervene in the International Community”

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2004-2005 Academic Year

Suzanne Boys | Communication “Gender, Discourse, and Power in Roman Catholic Priest Abuse Cases”

Pearce Paul Creasman | Anthropology “Memory of Egyptian Working Class Life: Cairo Boats, circa 2000 BC”

Jane Flaherty | History “The Perceived Power: The Government and Economic Change During the Civil War Era”

Christopher E. Garrett | English “A New Edition of Thomas Sherman’s Second Part of the Pilgrim’s Progress (1682)”

Allen Gehring Jr. | Philosophy “Flaws in Alvin Plantinga’s Thesis on God’s Self-Existence”

Niles Stefan Illich | History “The German Archaeological Institute and German Colonialism in the Ottoman Empire before 1884”

Francisco E. Martinez Jr. | Psychology “Performativity, Identity and the Employment of Language Conventions: Creative Language Use in the Case of Mexican American Bilingual Speakers”

Amy Montz | English “The Form of Women’s Bodies: Clothing and Fashions in mid-to late-Victorian Writings”

Rosa Saenz | Modern and Classical Languages “Don Quixote: Illustrated Editions Adapted for Young Readers and Modern Pedagogic Implementation Approaches”

Sonya M. Sawyer | English “Portrayal of Childhood Experience in the Works of Juliana Horatia Ewing, Christina Rosetti, and Mary Wollstonecraft”

Lois A. Swanick | Anthropology “Navigational Instruments in the Age of Exploration: A Nocturnal /Planisphere Recovered from the La Belle Shipwreck

Dongshin Yi | English “Cyborgothic: Envisioning a New Ethics in the Impending Age of Posthumanism”

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2003-2004 Academic Year

N. Rochelle Bradley | English “The Influence of Ancient and Medieval Philosophical Texts on Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Writers”

Hsin-Chin Chen | Psychology “The Influence of Visuospatial and Linguistic Properties of Writing Systems on Reading Processes and the Influence of Bilingualism/Biculturalism on Aesthetic Perception”

Iris Hyejin Park Chu | Sociology “The Construction of Professional Identity Through the Interrelationship of Social Factors, Especially Gender and Race”

Jeremy Dyes | History “The Role of Sir James Craig in the Irish Home Rule Crisis of 1911-1914”

Matthew Foust | Philosophy “The Riddle of Community”

Marie Leonard | Sociology “Social Movements and Women’s Involvement”

Samuel E. Murdock | History “The Experience of North Georgians in Antebellum Politics”

Nicholas Rangel Jr. | Communication “U.S. Foreign Policy Rhetoric”

Christopher A. Sparks | Anthropology “Samurai Cowboys in Middle America”

Cassady Yoder | Anthropology “Medieval Dietary Change: The Application of Physical Anthropology to History”

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2002-2003 Academic Year

Claire Carly | English “Public Prostitutes/Private Selves of Dickens, Gaskell, and Collins”

Sonjeong Cho | English “Configurations of Feminine Subjectivity in the Nineteenth Century British Novel”

Yvonne Davis Frear | History “Race, Class, and Gender in the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas”

Phil Gray | Political Science “The Place of the Soul in Political Philosophy”

Buddy Howell | Communication “Ronald Reagan at Geneva and Reykjavik: The Rhetoric of Public and Private Presidential Diplomacy, 1985-1986”

Erin Hollis | English “The Crucial Palimpsest: Collisions of Editing and Theory in Modernist Writing”

Phillip Smith | History “Citizenship and Freedom in Post-Colonial Florida”

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1998-1999 Academic Year

Stephanie Barron

Samantha Cantrell

Martin Carcasson

Dean Graham

Les Harrison

Youngjoo Kim

Chris Kreiser

Chris Morrow

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1997-1998 Academic Year

Thad Botham

Christopher Davis

Amy Earthart

Miles Klaff

Charles Snodgrass

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