Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award Archive

This award assists eligible students enrolling in humanities courses offered at the Texas A&M University Santa Chiara Study Center in Summer following their award year. The Glasscock Center encourages students to develop a keen understanding of their own and other world cultures. Through humanities courses, students engage in disciplined and responsible studies of intellectual and material culture that deepen their knowledge, broaden their perspectives, and challenge their assumptions. The Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award gives selected students the opportunity to bring a truly international dimension to their studies by providing funding toward a summer abroad in the summer program in Santa Chiara, Italy.

This scholarship is made possible through the generous gift of Susanne M.and Melbern G. Glasscock ’59.

2011-2012 Academic Year Summer 2012 Program

Hailey Brooke Jumper | History major, Horticulture and English minors

William Robert Whitehill| Accounting major

Evan James Clayton | Business Honors major

Sophia Makris | History major, Business Administration and English minors


2010-2011 Academic Year Summer 2011 Program

Leslie Ballinger | Sociology major, English and Italian minors

Jeffrey Scott Meyers | Computer Engineering major

Maryann Love Moyers | Computer Science and Applied Math double major

Luke Murray | Computer Engineering major

Alison Pain | Biochemistry and Genetics double major

Chrystina Rago | Communication major


2009-2010 Academic Year Summer 2010 Program

Rachel Bowdoin | Business Honors, Supply Chain Management major

Katie Crutsinger | Marketing pre-major, certificate in International Business

Lauren Floyd | Finance major, International Business minor, certificate in Trading and Risk Management

Jillian Van Zandt | Middle School Math and Science Education major, Spanish minor


2008-2009 Academic Year Summer 2009 Program

Alyssa Rose Endres | Biomedical Science major

Ryan Thomas Homeyer | Industrial Engineering major

Johnny Ling | Chemical Engineering major

Christopher James Selle | Industrial Engineering major

Caitlin Ann Tosh | Industrial Distribution major

Mary Elizabeth Van Cleave | Kinesiology major