Non-Tenure Track Faculty Research Fellows Archive

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The Glasscock Center offers awards of $1,000 each per academic year to support humanities research projects conducted by lecturers, visiting and adjunct faculty. These funds may be used to support normally reimbursable research expenses connected to a humanities research project.

2017-2018 Academic Year

Cecilia Smith | Clinical Assistant Professor, University Libraries
“The Geography of Ecclesiastical Power in the Spanish Colonial Philippines”

Adam Rosenthal | Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies
“Derrida’s Classroom”

2016-2017 Academic Year

Lawrence MacNamara | Lecturer, Department of History
“Big Sky: Popular Ideas about the Heavens in America, 1860-1969”

Lilia Campana | Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Visualization
“Megalomania at Sea: The Recovery of Hellenistic Naval Architecture During the Renaissance”

2015-2016 Academic Year

Jayme Walenta | Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Geography
“My carbon or yours? Unearthing a history behind environmental responsibility as articulated in the corporate carbon footprint”

2014-2015 Academic Year 

Leonardo Cardoso| Lecturer in Music, Department of Performance Studies
“Sound and Crime in Brazil”

Jennifer Jones Barbour | Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
“Visible Citizenship: The McMillan Plan and the Transformation of the National Mall”
2014-December 2015

Angela Ahlgren | Department of Performance Studies
“Drumming Asian America: North American Taiko Conference 2015”
2014-December 2015

2013-2014 Academic Year

Eleanor Owicki| Assistant Lecturer in Theater Arts, Department of Performance Studies
“Staging a Shared Future: Performance and the Search for Inclusive Narratives in the ‘New’ Belfast”

Krista SteinkeFinch | Lecturer, Department of Visualization
“The Day the Sky Fell”

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