Archive of Grant and Award Recipients

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Faculty Grant and Award Recipients

Buttrill Ethics Curriculum Enhancement Grant

Collaborative Grant-Writing Competition (previously Glasscock Collaborative Grant)

Cross-Disciplinary Conference Travel Award (no longer offered)

Evans-Glasscock Digital Humanities Project Fellowship (no longer offered)

Faculty Directors for Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

Faculty Research Matching Grant (no longer offered)

Faculty Stipendiary Fellows (no longer offered)

Faculty Travel-to-Archives or Travel-for-Fieldwork Grant (no longer offered)

Glasscock Faculty Research Fellowship

Glasscock Three-year Seminars

Internal Faculty Fellows

Investigative Course Grant (no longer offered)

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Research Fellowship (previously Ad Hoc Faculty Stipendiary Fellows)

Publication Support Grant

Visiting Fellows

Graduate Student Grant and Award Recipients

Brown-Kruse Graduate Fellows  (no longer offered)

Cushing-Glasscock Graduate Award

Glasscock Graduate Research Fellowship

Graduate Research Matching Grant

Graduate Stipendiary Fellows (no longer offered)

Graduate Travel-to-Conference Grant (no longer offered)

Graduate Travel-to-Archives or Travel-for-Fieldwork Grant (no longer offered)

Undergraduate Student Grant and Award Recipients

Ad Hoc Undergraduate Funding (no longer offered)

Glasscock Challenge Scholars

Glasscock Scholars Abroad Award

Undergraduate Research Award (no longer offered)

Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program