Digital Humanities Lecture Series Archive

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2009-2010 Academic Year

Willard McCarty | Professor of Humanities Computing, King’s College, London
“The pasts, present and futures of the digital humanities”

Bernard Frischer | Professor of Art History and Classics, University of Virginia and Director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory
“‘Rome Reborn’: A Case Study in Digital Documentation and Publication”

Colin Allen | Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Indiana University, Bloomington
“Machines That Seem to Care: Sci Phi not Sci Fi”

B. Stephen Carpenter | Associate Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, Texas A&M University
Trina Davis | Assistant Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Culture, Texas A&M University
“Digital Humanities in the Metaverse: A Report on the Design, Implementation, and the Future of Glasscock Island”

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2008-2009 Academic Year

Amy Earhart | Department of English, Texas A&M University
“The Humanities Interface: Tools, Text and Literary Concord”

Alan Galey | University of Toronto
“Between the History and Future of the Book: Interface and the Stakes of Design”

Randall Davis | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Steps Toward Natural Interaction”

Ben Shneiderman | University of Maryland
“Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery”

Megan Prelinger and Rick Prelinger | The Prelinger Library and Archives
“From Repository to Workshop: Reinventing the Library and Archive”

Susan Herring | School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University
“New Analytical Lenses for New Media”

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2007-2008 Academic Year

Thomas Finholt | University of Michigan
“Cyberinfrastructure and the Humanities: Using Advanced Information Technology to Explore New Modes of Thinking and Working”

Alan Liu | University of California, Santa Barbara
“Knowledge and Web 2.0: The Transliteracies Project and Social Computing”

Mike Godwin | Wikimedia Foundation
“After the Revolution”

Gary Marchionini | University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
“The Open Video Digital Library: The Challenge of Transition from Test Bed to Sustainable Library”

Ray Siemens | University of Victoria
“Imagining the Electronic Book”

Carolyn Guertin | Department of English, University of Texas, Arlington
“The Convergence of Modes: Knowledge Communities and Participatory Practices”

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2006-2007 Academic Year

Geoffrey Nunberg | University of California, Berkeley
“The Phenomenology of Cyberspace; or, Should We Capitalize “the Web?”

Elli Mylonas | Brown University
“From Hardware to Discourse: Locating the Digital Scholarship”

Tamara Sumner | University of Colorado at Boulder
“Transforming Digital Content into Learning: The Potential and Challenges Facing Educational Digital Libraries”

Johanna Drucker | University of Virginia
“Visualizing Interpretation”

Douglas Greenberg | University of Southern California
“Return With Me Now to Those Days of Yesteryear: Reflections on Three Decades of History and Computers”

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2005-2006 Academic Year

David Gants | University of New Brunswick, Canada
“From McKerrow to McGoogle: Scholarly Editing as a Meta-Enterprise”

Ruzena Bajcsy | University of California, Berkeley
“Information Technology for Humanities and Social Sciences”

Christine Neuwirth | Carnegie Mellon University
“Reading and Writing Spaces: Reflections on the Role of the Visual”

Alejandro Bia Platas | University Miguel Hernández
“Applicability of Software Engineering Techniques to Digital Libraries and Humanities Digitization Projects”

Peter Donaldson | Shakespeare Interactive Archive, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“You Just Don’t Understand Technology, Do You!”

Edward Zalta | Stanford University
“Computing, Philosophy and a Case Study of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy”

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2004-2005 Academic Year

Cathy Marshall | Microsoft Corporation
“The Future of Reading, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Screen”

Michael L. Nelson | Old Dominion University
“A Review of Institutional Repository Projects and Technologies”

John Unsworth | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
“What is Humanities Computing and What is Not?”

George Landow | Brown University
“What Happens to Scholarship in E-Space?”

Helen Nissenbaum | New York University
“Contextual Integrity: Privacy as a Cultural Value”

Allen Renear | University of Illinios, Urbana-Champaign
“Grand Challenges in Humanities Computing: The Document Modeling Problem as an Example”

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2003-2004 Academic Year

Douglas Barnett | Center for Studies in Texas History, Texas State Historical Association
“Digital Collaborations: New Frontiers in Academic Discourse”

Mark Bernstein | Eastgate Systems
“Software Aesthetics: Tools and Patterns of Hypertext”

Nancy Kaplan | University of Baltimore
“Future Libraries, Future Literacies: What Children May Be Telling Us”

Andrew Dillon | University of Texas
“Humanizing Computers: Designing for People, Not Users”

Clifford Lynch | Coalition for Networked Information, Washington D.C.
“Scholarly Communication in a Digital World”

Gregory Crane | The Perseus Project, Tufts University
“Humanities and Information Technology”

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