Message from the Director

We are delighted to be starting the spring semester with an Open House to mark the Center’s 15th anniversary and the impactful philanthropy of Susanne M. and Melbern G. Glasscock. We invite the university and local community to visit us and learn about our current and future work, as well as our history of fostering and celebrating the humanities among the community of scholars at Texas A&M and in the world beyond the academy.

Our 2018/19 graduate and faculty fellows will be presenting their research at our weekly colloquia, held on Tuesday afternoons. In addition to this regular programming, highlights of Glasscock supported events this spring include:

We welcome everyone to participate in our activities this spring!

Our new vision for the Glasscock Center will emphasize our role in supporting and incubating world-leading research at TAMU in the humanities and social sciences; cultivating new collaborations between the humanities and other disciplines, as well as new external and international partnerships; and connecting the vibrant, critical work of the arts and humanities to diverse communities, with the aim of enriching civic life. This vision will guide the development of new programs and initiatives, for example, an annual Humanities Festival and a Glasscock Research Lunch series - workshops to support different aspects of interdisciplinary humanities research.

A new Glasscock initiative, Humanities: Land Sea Space, kicked off last fall with an exploratory forum. The event showcased faculty and graduate research and brought together participants from across the University to explore new ideas and activities concerning urgent human and more-than-human questions and issues related to nature-society relationships. Global Health and the Humanities, our other Glasscock initiative, led by our Associate Director Jessica Howell and growing out of a Glasscock Three-Year seminar, draws upon humanistic and cross-disciplinary perspectives to explore the lived experience of global health issues. Future events are planned for both initiatives this spring.

Last but not least, we will be launching a redesigned website very soon, and we aim to raise the visibility of the Center through a GCHR ‘roadshow’ on campus, beginning later this semester. As we move forward with this next, exciting phase of our work, I am eager to listen and learn from the campus community about their ideas, research priorities, and how they would like to be part of our future. We invite you to get in touch and visit us on the third floor of the Glasscock Building.

Emily Brady
Susanne M. and Melbern G. Glasscock Director’s Chair
Professor of Philosophy

January 2019

Glasscock Center Staff: Amanda Dusek, Emily Brady, Margarita Zollo, Julie Rakowitz, Jessica Howell, and Roxanne Moody

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